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Round G Symposia and Posters

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Couples in Context: Influence of Social Networks and Socio-Economic Hardships
Chair/Speakers: Teresa Nguyen, Teresa Nguyen, April Masarik, Allen Barton, Justin Lavner
Abstract: Although partners’ maladaptive attributions for relationship events are theorized to result from individual differences, we test an alternative possibility that they arise from forces outside relationships. Using structured social network interviews, we demonstrate how network members act as sources of information for shared environmental conditions that affect spouses’ blame for marital issues.

Leveraging Social-Psychological Insights to Promote Public Health and Wellbeing
Chair/Speakers: Octavia Zahrt, Grant Donnelly, Octavia Zahrt, Hengchen Dai, Jon Jachimowicz
Abstract: Three studies test the impact of psychologically-informed ways of labelling sugary drinks (to reduce their consumption). S1 is a field study conducted in a cafeteria, indicating that graphic warning labels reduce the share of sugary drink purchases by 15.5 percent. S2 sheds light on the psychological mechanism underlying this effect, while S3 assesses public support for graphic warning labels.

Challenges to and Opportunities for Increased Intergroup Equality and Inclusion
Chair/Speakers: Arnold Ho, Nour Kteily, Michael Kraus, Nour Kteily, Jacqueline Chen, Arnold Ho
Abstract: This talk documents the widespread overestimation of racial economic equality in America. Correlational and experimental evidence reveals the motivational and structural predictors of this widespread perceptual inaccuracy. Overall, these findings suggest a profound misperception of and unfounded optimism regarding societal race-based economic disparities along with their policy implications.

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