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Affiliated Events

Affiliated Events are events hosted by individuals or groups other than the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, that take place before, during, or after the SPSP Annual Convention and are in conjunction with the convention. Space for these events is limited, held by SPSP, and released to interested parties as space permits. 


  1. To apply for event space, submit your request through the link below. All space allocation decisions will be on a first-come first-served basis. 
  2. If the host of an affiliated event is a for profit organization, that organization must either be a sponsor and/or exhibitor for the SPSP Annual Convention. This requirement is waived for any nonprofit organizations. 
  3. Affiliated events can be but are not limited to receptions, focus groups, and meetings. Those wishing to present research or other science programming should use appropriate submission avenues to have their work considered for inclusion in the convention program.
  4. SPSP is not responsible for the planning or execution of events in any of the affiliated event spaces. All planning, logistics, and payment for catering, AV and room sets as well as any other costs associated with the event is the sole responsibility of the host.
  5. Affiliated events may be open to the public or invite only. All approved affiliated events will be posted and advertised on the SPSP Convention website. Hosts will have the opportunity to submit text for a one-time message to be sent to SPSP membership through our open forum to advertise their event. 
  6. Signage for affiliated events is the sole responsibility of the host. SPSP will only provide basic room directional signage (if the venue doesn’t already have this signage in place), not individual event signage with affiliated event titles. 
  7. Your SPSP contact for affiliated events is Ryley Bowen (rbowen@spsp.org). Your catering, AV, and venue contacts will be distributed to you with your approval and space assignment.

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2020 Annual Convention
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