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2020 SPSP New Orleans Convention

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The 21st Annual Convention of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) will bring together 3,800 scientists to share their latest research in 80 symposia and more than 2,000 posters.

Explore the latest scientific research on a diverse array of topics – the psychology behind prejudice and discrimination, understanding non-verbal communication, strategies for interpersonal relationships, social factors that influence our decisions, and much more.

Press registration permits members of the media access to all symposia, posters, special sessions, and exhibits. Additionally, SPSP provides a work room with Wi-Fi for registered media attendees. An interview space will be available upon request.

register for press credentials

Who can register for the convention as press?

Press badges for the 2020 SPSP Annual Meeting are available to all career science communicators, with appropriate credentials. Working reporters (staff or freelance) and public information officers (PIOs) qualify for press registration. Science communicators who have press credentials should bring their credentials to the convention.

Press badges will not be issued to representatives of lobbying, special interest or advocacy organizations. Similarly, scientists, scientific journal editors, advertising or marketing professionals and investment analysts are not eligible to register for press badges. Journal representatives that edit their journals news section are eligible for press registration.

For any questions or additional information, contact the SPSP Press Office at press@spsp.org.

How can I register for press credentials?

We waive registration fees for reporters with a recognized press card and for current members of the National Association of Science Writers (NASW), the Canadian Science Writers Association (CSWA), or the International Science Writers Association (ISWA).


All career science communicators who are NASW, CSWA or ISWA members will receive a complimentary press badge. Current NASW, CSWA or ISWA membership and valid photo identification are required.

All Other Newsroom Registrants

If you are a career science communicator but not a member of NASW, you will be welcomed after you provide the following credentials:

Reporters and Freelancers

  • A business card clearly showing your media affiliation and position, or a current recognized press card. 


  • An article written in the last 6 months with your byline clearly visible.

Public Information Officers

  • A business card clearly showing your position (e.g. communications officer, editor, writer, public affairs director, public information specialist).


  • Recent materials distributed to the press (news releases, media advisories or tip sheets on which you are listed as the contact).

Journalism Professors and Journalism Students

  • Journalism professors must send in advance a letter on official letterhead certifying that they are attending the conference in order to accompany students as part of a class activity.

  • Journalism students must send in advance, or present on-site, a letter on official letterhead from their professor, certifying that they are attending the conference as part of a journalism class activity.

Those registering on-site must provide appropriate credentials (outlined above) as well as a valid photo ID. 

Note: SPSP’s Public Relations & Media Manager, Annie Drinkard, reserves the right to limit the number of passes provided to any organization and holds the right to deny pass requests.

For press questions, please contact Annie Drinkard via email at adrinkard@spsp.org.


2020 Annual Convention
February 27-29, 2020
New Orleans, LA USA