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Press Registration Opens September 1, 2017

From March 1-3, 2018 in Atlanta Georgia, the 19th Annual Convention of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) will bring together 3,800 scientists to share their latest research in 80 symposia and more than 2,000 posters.

Explore the latest scientific research on a diverse array of topics – the psychology behind prejudice and discrimination, understanding non-verbal communication, strategies for interpersonal relationships, social factors that influence our decisions, and much more.

Press registration permits members of the media access to all symposia, posters, special sessions, and exhibits. Additionally, SPSP provides shared work areas with Wi-Fi for registered media attendees. An interview space will be available upon request.

View last year’s press page for more info on credentials.


Looking for a story idea?

Reach out to the researchers sharing their posters and presentations.


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