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Social neuroendocrinology is a burgeoning area of research aimed at discovering hormone relationships to social behavior.  Studies in this area lie at the intersection of social and personality psychology, neuroscience, cognition, evolutionary psychology, and traditional behavioral endocrinology.  The Social Neuroendocrinology preconference has been a popular event as SPSP for several years.  This year’s preconference will explore “Competition, dominance, and social hierarchy” and will feature invited talks from a diverse set of top researchers as well as a short-form Data Blitz session for early-career scholars.  Our initial set of speakers includes Keith Welker, Steve Stanton, Coren Apicella, Alicia Salvador, Rui Oliveira, Gideon Nave, Heather Caldwell, Amanda Hahn, Mark Van Vugt, Lisa Welling, Michael Naef, Jack van Honk, researchers who have recently published high impact papers in this area and would likely draw a large crowd of social and personality psychologists, as well as draw new SPSP attenders from other related fields.


Kathleen Casto, Ph.D., University of Oregon
Shawn Geniole, Ph.D., Nipissing University


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