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2020 SPSP New Orleans Convention

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	Shared Reality and Authenticity Preconference
Location: Room TBD  |  8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Establishing shared realities is basic to human nature. People turn to each other to make sense of their experiences: they seek to verify what is true and authentic, both about the world around them and about themselves. In today’s world, questions about how people discern what is truly real have become increasingly ubiquitous. How do social groups shape people’s beliefs about the truth? How do they shape people’s core identities? What is the ‘true self’? What kinds of interactions feel authentic? This preconference explores these questions by assembling a diverse group of experts from the growing fields of Shared Reality and Authenticity to discuss how humans turn to each other to determine the truth. Confirmed Speakers: Michael Hogg (Claremont Graduate University; social identity) Namkje Koudenburg (University of Groningen; conversational microdynamics) Rebecca Schlegel (Texas A&M University; the true self) Constantine Sedikides (University of Southampton; state authenticity) Katrina Jongman-Sereno (Hood College; authenticity and attitudes) Chadly Stern (University of Illinois; shared reality and political attitudes) Bill Swann (University of Texas at Austin; identity fusion and extremism) We will also host a Student Data Blitz and a panel discussion.

Maya Rossignac-Milon
Columbia University

Federica Pinelli
Columbia University

Carl Horton
Columbia Business School

2020 Annual Convention
February 27-29, 2020
New Orleans, LA USA