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Location: E141/142  |  Thursday, February 7  |  8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

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Personality psychology is focusing more on the dynamic organization and interplay of thoughts, feelings, desires, and actions within persons who are embedded into socio-cultural contexts. The preconference provides a window into cutting-edge theory, research, and methods in the area of personality dynamics, processes, and functioning.


There will be two keynotes (Ed Diener, Bob Hogan), two symposia with multiple speakers (Colin DeYoung; Aidan Wright) and a panel discussion at the end (panelists: Wiebke Bleidorn, Lynne Cooper, Katie Corker, Rodica Damian, David Funder). Posters will also be presented.  

Keynote I: Ed Diener
Title TBA

Keynote II: Bob Hogan
Title TBA

Symposium I: Personality Dynamics and Psychopathology (Colin DeYoung)
Speakers: Chris Hopwood, Gentiana Sadikaj, Colin DeYoung

Symposium II: Narcissism Dynamics, Processes, and Functioning (Aidan Wright)
Speakers: Miranda Giacomin & Christian Jordan; Joshua R. Oltmanns & Thomas A. Widiger; Elizabeth A. Edershile & Aidan G.C. Wright

Panel: What Should Be Personality Psychology’s Contribution to Science and Society for The Next 10 Years?

Panelists: Wiebke Bleidorn, Lynne Cooper, Katie Corker, Rodica Damian, David Funder
Discussion: Personality science has been at the forefront of psychology in the last 10 years. New research identifying the benefits of specific traits (e.g., extraversion, conscientiousness) has given personality an increased profile. The recent credibility revolution in psychology has further provided personality with a platform for a robust discussion on methods and best practices. However, the recent controversy over the use of personality assessments to target voting in the 2016 presidential election in the USA and the Brexit referendum in the UK highlights that impact that personality can have on society. Given these recent developments, what are the big questions that personality scientists should focus on in the next 10 years? How can personality contribute to both science and society in the future? How does a more dynamic and process-focused view on personality help here?



The Preconference Registration capacity is at 78 people (that is, including organizers and symposium presenters). Slots may be filling up fast, so please register as soon as possible! Researchers whose posters are accepted must also register, and these also count towards the maximum of 78 people.

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