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Early personality psychologists such as Gordon Allport stressed the importance of dynamics, processes, and functioning within the person. However, interest in those topics waned in favor of structural approaches focusing on the organization of traits across persons. In the last 15 years, personality psychology has made major leaps from descriptive research (Which trait structures are there?) to a more explanatory and dynamic science of personality (Which processes underlie traits? How and why do traits manifest? How does personality “function”?), thus bridging structure- and process-based approaches to personality. Personality psychologists are growing more and more interested in the dynamic organization and interplay of thoughts, feelings, desires, and actions within persons who are always embedded into social, cultural, and historic contexts. These topics are studied with a range of novel and exciting methods. The pre-conference is supposed to bring together experts and novices interested in a dynamic and process-focused science of personality.


John Rauthmann, Wake Forest University
Eranda Jayawickreme, Wake Forest University

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