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	Parenting and Family Dynamics
Location: Room TBD  |  8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Thanks for visiting our page. Parenting and Family Dynamics preconference will return with different topics: fathering, culture, and resilience. In addition, the developer of the blavvan package on R will teach us how to use his package about Bayesian latent modeling, and a neuroscience talk will come back about the paternal brain. The titles of the symposia/talks will be announced later, but a tentative schedule is available below:

8:00-8:05             So Young Choe – Growth of this preconference and vision for it

Symposium #1: Fathers, the neglected parents
8:05-8:35             Brenda Volling
8:35-9:05             Natasha Cabrera – fathering in diverse families
9:05-9:35             Vicky Phares
9:35-10:05          James K. Rilling – Fatherhood and the brain

Break, 10:05-10:15

Symposium #2: Methodologies for parenting and family research
10:15-11:00       Edgar Merkle – blavaan: Bayesian latent variable models on R

Posters 11:00-12:15

Lunch 11:30-12:30

Symposium #3: Culture and parenting
12:30-1:00          Geoffrey Brown – African American fathers in infancy/early childhood in impoverished environments
1:00-1:30             Shauna Cooper – African American fathers
2:00-2:30             Charissa Cheah – Asian American parental control
2:30-3:30             So Young Choe – Parental psychological control, emotion regulation, and internalizing among Asian American adolescents

Break, 2:30-2:40

Moving seats to form groups for the Group discussion/Speed mentoring session, 2:40-2:45

Symposium #4: The current research on resilience
2:45-3:15             Tuppett Yates
3:15-3:45             Jordan A. Booker – Memories of parents and grandparents as sources of guidance and strength for young adults

Group discussion/Speed mentoring
3:45-4:30             Please join your group and enjoy the discussion

Themes can include: fathering, resilience, African American parenting, Asian American parenting, Neuroscience of parenting, methodologies, publications, and grant proposals (group organization will be announced later, after most of the attendees would have registered.)

4:30 Group photo :)

We welcome posters about parenting/family and personality/emotional/social psychology. To submit your applications for posters at this preconference, please fill out this form; you will need the list of authors, title, keywords for your topic, age group and ethnicity of your sample(s), methodologies you adopted, and brief descriptions for your aim, method, results, and implication.

Poster acceptance will be first announced after SPSP will have opened up registrations (mid-August), as posters will be confirmed only after the presenter registered for this preconference. Then the acceptance will be announced periodically until all spots would be filled. Even though SPSP's official deadline for the poster submission is November 15th, if there is no slot left for a registration for this preconference, no poster can be accepted.

So Young Choe
University of Southern California
'soyoung' dot 'choe' at 'usc' dot 'edu

Robert Laird
University of Alabama

2020 Annual Convention
February 27-29, 2020
New Orleans, LA USA