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	Parenting and Family Dynamics
Location: Room TBD  |  8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Parenting and Family Dynamics preconference will return with a fresh slate of topics: fathering, culture, and resilience. Moreover, we will have a group discussion/speed mentoring session led by renowned professors in the field (themes are listed below). In addition, the developer of the blavvan package in R will teach us how to use his package for Bayesian latent modeling, and the talks will include diverse methods such as neuroscience, observation, narratives, and DNA analysis.

We are accepting poster abstract submissions. Please check the Posters section for submission guidance and the submission link.

8:00-8:05             So Young Choe – Growth of this preconference and vision for it

Symposium #1:  Fathers, the neglected parents
8:05-8:35             Brenda L. Volling – Fathering in the 21st Century: Who, what, and where
8:35-9:05             Natasha J. Cabrera - Fathers and mothers: Contributions to children's development
9:05-9:35             Vicky Phares – Fathers, mothers, and developmental psychopathology
9:35-10:05          James K. Rilling – Fatherhood and the brain

Break, 10:05-10:15

Symposium #2:  Methodologies for parenting and family research
10:15-11:00       Ed Merkle – blavaan: Bayesian latent variable modeling with R

Posters 11:00-12:15

Lunch 11:30-12:30

Symposium #3:  Cultural aspects of parenting
12:30-1:00          Geoffrey L. Brown – Unmarried, African American fathers of young children: Multiple levels of influence on fathering behavior
1:00-1:30             Shauna M. Cooper – Fatherhood ideologies, stereotype awareness, and African American fathers' parenting practices
1:30-2:00             Charissa S. L. Cheah – Understanding warmth and control in Asian American parenting
2:00-2:30             So Young Choe – Perception of parental psychological control in different cultures

Break, 2:30-2:40

Moving seats to form groups for the Group discussion/Speed mentoring session, 2:40-2:45

Symposium #4:  Diverse expressions and perspectives on resilience
2:45-3:15             Tuppett M. Yates – Diverse pathways to resilience
3:15-3:45             Jordan A. Booker – Memories of parents and grandparents as sources of guidance and strength for young adults

Group discussion/Speed mentoring
3:45-4:30             Please join your group and enjoy the discussion (group organization will be announced later, after most of the attendees would have registered.)

1.  Coparenting (Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan & Geoffrey L. Brown)
2.  Beyond money: Fathers' contribution to children's development (Natasha J. Cabrera)
3.  Brainstorming session for how to get fathers involved in research (Vicky Phares & Brenda Volling)
4.  Fatherhood and the Brain (James K. Rilling)
5.  Cultural research on parenting/child development (Charissa S. L. Cheah & Shauna M. Cooper)
6.  Promoting resilience in diverse communities (Tuppett M. Yates & Jordan A. Booker)
7.  Keeping up with statistics developments (Ed Merkle & Amy K. Nuttall)
8.  How to write winning grant proposals/fellowship applications (Robert Laird)
9.  What to do to publish in peer reviewed journals (Melissa Sturge-Apple, an associate editor of the Journal of Family Psychology and Development and Psychopathology)

4:30 Group photo :)

We welcome posters about parenting/family and personality/emotional/social psychology, and people may present the same posters at this preconference and the main convention. To submit your applications for posters at this preconference, please fill out this form; you will need the list of authors, title, keywords for your topic, age group and ethnicity of your sample(s), methodologies adopted, and brief descriptions for your aim, method, results, and implication.

Posters will be confirmed only after the presenter registers for this preconference; no additional posters will be accepted if the preconference reaches the maximum registration, even though it's before the SPSP official deadline for the poster submission (November 15th).

University of Southern California
'soyoung' dot 'choe' at 'usc' dot 'edu

University of Alabama
rlaird" at "ches" dot "ua" dot "edu

2020 Annual Convention
February 27-29, 2020
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