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Organizer FAQs

Attendees will register for a preconference using the same portal/link for convention registration. Attendees can register for just a preconference, just the annual convention, or both. Regardless of which option attendees choose, only one badge will be printed, and that badge can be picked up at Registration beginning on Wednesday afternoon. Preconference only badges will expire Thursday after precons conclude.

Your registration capacity is the number of registrants/attendees (complimentary and paid) that are allowed to legally be in your preconference room. This number, as identified in your initial informational preconference acceptance email, is inclusive of all speakers, presenters, organizers and attendees, and is determined by the fire marshal in the host city. Once your registration capacity is met, we cannot allow any further attendees into your preconference, regardless of their role. If you would like to know what your registration capacity is, please email meetings@spsp.org and we can provide you with that information. All attendees of your preconference to include speakers, organizers, and presenters must be registered, either by a paid or complimentary registration.

In order to create a strong networking environment, SPSP does not allow for participants to register for more than one preconference. In addition, we do not allow preconference “hopping.” Not only does this disturb the networking environment, it puts SPSP at risk for violating fire marshal capacities. Preconference organizers are expected to assist with ensuring that ONLY registered attendees of that preconference are in the room, which could include badge-checking, providing reminders, etc.

SPSP provides each preconference an allocated number of complimentary registrations to be given to whomever the organizers choose. The number of complimentary registrations given is based on the size of the preconference and complimentary registrations can be given to anyone – presenters, speakers, award winners, organizers, or attendees. Your names for comped speakers are due by October 1.

If you would like to offer complimentary registrations over and above what SPSP is providing, you will be invoiced and responsible for paying for those registrations at the conclusion of the preconference. Many preconferences secure additional outside sponsorship and funding to provide more than the SPSP allotted complimentary registrations. You will be given a comp code for those individuals and billed for comp code usage at the end of convention.

If you would like to provide a complimentary registration code or a discount code for your attendees to use, please contact Chad Rummel at crummel@spsp.org to make those arrangements no later than August 1.

SPSP does not promote preconferences individually. Many times throughout the year, and in many different places, we reference and promote registering for preconferences. In each of these instances we link to the entire list of preconferences offered and do not promote any one preconference individually. We encourage you to spread the word and market your preconference via SPSP Connect and your social media platforms. However, when promoting registration, please avoid promoting “you can attend the preconference without attending the convention.” SPSP spends funds from the convention above and beyond preconference registration costs, so our goal is to have as many attendees as possible attend both.

Starting in early October, SPSP will provide weekly Registrant/Attendee lists to organizers so they can track their attendance. It is recommended that organizers review these lists regularly to be sure that pertinent speakers, presenters, and award winners are registered for their preconference before the registration capacity is met. Once a preconference fills, we cannot add anymore registrants regardless of their role in the preconference. A final attendee list will be waiting for you in your preconference room on the morning of your preconference for use in checking in your attendees when they arrive.

Preconference rooms are set classrooms style – rows of tables and chairs. This setup allows us to fit the most people in the room while still allowing a work/eating surface for your attendees. In some cases, and only if space permits, separate round tables will be placed in the room for additional seating. Round tables cannot be guaranteed as space varies from year to year due to room size. Setups are predetermined to maximize the number of attendees we can fit in your preconference.

All preconferences will have the same menu to include a continental breakfast, and AM coffee break, a lunch, and a PM coffee break. Meal service times are listed below. Preconferences are free to break during any time during the meal service time and allow their attendees to access the buffet. SPSP makes all efforts to accommodate as many dietary restrictions as possible.

Breakfast: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
AM Break: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Lunch: 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
PM Break: 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM

  • SPSP does not provide laptops or slide advancers for preconferences.
  • Organizers should bring their own computer and be sure it is HDMI capable (a limited number of VGA to HDMI adapters will be available).
  • Each room will be equipped with microphones, a projector/screen, and a plug in for sound from your computer

Organizers can request poster space in their initial preconference application. If you are assigned poster space, it will be noted in your initial informational acceptance email. Posters cannot be added after applications have been processed. Your poster space assignment and number of boards, as noted in your informational email, are not flexible. Each poster board is 4’ tall by 6’ wide and has two sides. It can accommodate two posters simultaneously. For any shared poster spaces, please be sure to plan your programming accordingly to access your posters at the time indicated in your informational email. Additionally, please be sure to plan time at the beginning and end of your poster session (within your timeslot) to post and remove your posters so boards are available for the next group. SPSP will provide tacks for posters but individual boards will not be numbered.

Many preconferences accept submissions for poster, talks, and data blitzes. SPSP encourages this type of engagement, as it helps you ensure a great program. However, please be very cognizant of deadlines you are using. If you are not announcing acceptances/rejections of posters until December, there is a big chance that your room will be full and the people you are accepting will not be able to even get into the room. SPSP encourages you to use a deadline of November 15 for submission deadlines and December 6 for announcements of selections.

SPSP will create a submission form for your posters, if you would like (one form for all participating preconferences and participants can selet the preconference they are submitting to). The fields will be uniform (similar to SPSP’s poster submissions) and the abstract portal will be open from September 1 – November 15. After November 15, you will receive a spreadsheet of submissions to review/accept. SPSP does not play a part in the reviewing or acceptance of your posters—this is merely a service to help you avoid getting 50 extra emails in your inbox from poster presenters. If you would like to utilize this service, contact Chad Rummel (crummel@spsp.org) no later than August 15.

Preconference Acceptance Announced Early June
Send SPSP All Known Info for Website BY August 1
Poster/ Abstract/ Award Submissions Open Recommended September 1 – November 15
Poster/ Abstract/ Award Selections Announced Recommended December 6
Provide All Comp Names to SPSP October 1
Remind Speakers/Presenters to Register November/December
Deadline to Submit Comp Names to SPSP October 1
Begin Checking Registrant list for Speakers/VIPs December
Deadline to Request Checks (If Applicable) February 13

  • Organizers should bring their own computer and be sure it is HDMI capable (a limited number of VGA to HDMI adapters will be available).
  • Designate someone to check badges at the door against the registrant list SPSP will provide you that morning. Many preconferences sell out, you’ll want to be sure the right people are in your room.
  • We will have AV techs checking on each room in the morning to make sure everyone is up and running, and then roaming and available all day for troubleshooting.

2020 Annual Convention
February 27-29, 2020
New Orleans, LA USA