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Media and digital technologies play a central role in our daily lives. The latest Census data indicate that the average individual spends over 3,515 hours using media (e.g., email, cell phones, movies, books, television). In this preconference, we bring together prominent researchers from across psychology, communication science, data science, and industry to explore the psychology of media and technology. Speakers will explore the psychological, social, and moral effects of social media, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. Using big data, speakers will also show how the digital footprints that people leave through their media use can be used to understand and predict behavior. Finally, speakers will demonstrate how the latest technological developments (e.g., virtual reality) can be used as tools in psychological research. The preconference will also feature a data blitz and poster session, showcasing work from emerging scholars.


Kostadin Kushlev, University of Virginia
Gabriella HarariStanford University


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