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Location: A103/104  |  Thursday, February 7  |  8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

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This preconference features the role of social psychology in law worldwide. Presenters review research pertaining to social psychology and law in North America, Europe and nations throughout the world. Presenters will discuss how and why social psychology can and should influence civil law, criminal law, legal process, and dispute resolution.



8:00-8:30  Breakfast and Welcome

8:30-9:15  Richard Wiener, MLS, PhD, University of Nebraska—Lincoln: Sex Trafficking After the Palermo Protocol: Are We Still Blaming the Victim?

9:15-10:15  Datablitz Talks

  1. Amelia Hritz, JD, PhD, Cornell Law School: The Influence of Race on Determinations of Intellectual Disability
  2. Julie Wertheimer, University of Nebraska—Lincoln: The Effects of Race, Gender, Offense Status, and Substance Use on the Stigmatization of Ex-Offender Parents
  3. Thomas C. O’Brien, PhD, Yale Law School: Shifting Styles of Authority: Experimental Evidence that Community-Level Actions can Build Cooperation between African Americans and Law Enforcement
  4. Emily Lasko, Virginia Commonwealth University: The Mechanisms Underlying the Success of the ‘Successful Psychopath’: Increased Conscientiousness Leads to Less Violence

10:15-10:30  Break

10:30-11:15  Monica Miller, JD, PhD, University of Nevada—Reno: A Typology of Factors Encouraging or Discouraging the Development of Problem-Solving Courts in Various Countries

11:15-12:00  Evelyn Maeder, MLS, PhD, Carleton University: Over- and Under-Representation: Indigenous Peoples and the Criminal Justice System in Canada

12:00-1:00  Lunch and Poster Session

1:00-1:45  Jane Goodman-Delahunty, JD, PhD, Charles Sturt University: Contemporary Research on Memories of Child Sexual Abuse: Updating the Justice Sector

1:45-2:40  Datablitz Talks

  1. Colin Holloway, MA, JD, University of Nebraska—Lincoln: Mental Health Stigma
  2. Andrea Miller, University of Illinois—Urbana-Champaign: Group Dynamics in Victim Blaming
  3. Zlatan Krizan, Iowa State University: Sleep and Interrogation: Does Sleep Loss Shape Disclosure and Emotionality About Illegal Behavior?
  4. Jennie Qu-Lee, New York University: Eyes on Crime: Predictors of Visual Attention and the Impact on Legal Decisions

2:40-2:55  Break

2:55-3:40  Kees van den Bos, PhD, Utrecht University: European versus Anglo-Saxon Approaches to Radicalization

3:40-4:30  Datablitz Talks

  1. Casey Tisdale, University of Nebraska—Lincoln: Perceptions of Mass Shooting Motives: When the Case is Not Clear
  2. Bradley Celestin, Indiana University: Perceived Role-Normativity of Actions Alters Moral Evaluations of Police Use of Force
  3. Amanda Charbonneau, University of California--Davis: The Law and Psychology of Suspicion
  4. Sara Driskell, Indiana University: Undoing the Presumed Guilt Effect: Comparing Police Body Worn Camera (BWC) Footage to Bystander-Captured Footage

Poster Session

  1. Courtney Kurinec, Baylor University: “Sounding Black”: Does Voice Stereotypicality Influence Expectations about Appearance?
  2. Rubi Gonazales, University of Texas—El Paso: Dynamic Societies: Reactions to Change-Halting Policies in NYC
  3. Ernest Olesky, Cuyahoga County Public Defenders Office: The Contributions of Record Ensealment on Financial Circumstances for Clients of the Cuyahoga County Public Defenders Office
  4. Andrew Provenzano, MA, University of Arkansas: The Impact of Lighting and Distance on Juror’s Perception of Suspect Guilt
  5. Justin Sevier, Florida State University College of Law: An Experimental Test of Thibaut and Walker’s (1978) ‘A Theory of Procedure’
  6. Laure Brimbal, PhD, Iowa State University: Overcoming Resistance in Interrogations: The Benefit of Trust and Rapport


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Data Blitz & Poster Submissions:

The Social Psychology and Law Preconference will feature five to six, 10-minute datablitz talks (chosen competitively) on any topic related to law and social psychology. We will also host a poster session during lunch where research can be displayed and discussed. To submit a datablitz talk or a poster please send a pdf file containing the title, 150-250 word abstract, author(s), affiliation(s), and email address of the presenter to socialpsychandlaw@gmail.com.  For a poster submission, address your email with the subject "Poster Submission: [YOUR NAME]".  For a datablitz submission address your email with the subject "Datablitz Submission: [YOUR NAME]". Posters and datablitz talks will be accepted on a rolling basis through November 15, 2019 while space is available.


Richard Wiener, MLS, PhD, University of Nebraska/Lincoln
Ashley Votruba, JD, PhD, University of Nebraska/Lincoln


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