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This preconference features the role of social psychology in court and beyond. In two separate symposia, presenters will review their own and others’ research pertaining to plea bargaining, jury trials, arbitration, mediation and all other forms of alternative dispute resolution. Presenters will show how social psychology research findings can influence policy making as well as practice. The emphasis will be presenting original programs of research that address these crucial topics. More specifically, the first symposium will present research on the role that psychological research has played in court focusing on jury decision making, judicial decision-making, attorney behavior and the influence of extra-legal factors. The second symposium will examine the use of psychological research in policymaking that has shaped and will continue to shape conflict resolution in court and in areas of alternative dispute resolution. The preconference will include 10-minute datablitz presentations and poster presentations from graduate students and new researchers.


Richard Wiener, MLS, PhD, University of Nebraska/Lincoln
Ashley Votruba, JD, PhD, University of Nebraska/Lincoln


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