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The analysis of language has long been a mainstay of mainstream psychology. Recently, fields as diverse as psychology, medicine, and the computational sciences, to name a few, have begun to adopt psychological language analysis to better understand human psychology in the real world. Furthermore, incredible advances have taken place in psychological analysis of language in the past 2 decades, particularly in the field of automated techniques for psychological measurement. As our field progresses into the worlds of big data and more rigorous methods, language analysis is more relevant now than perhaps ever before. This preconference will host talks from several leading researchers on the most up-to-date developments in language analysis for social/personality psychology. Talks will include discussions on data acquisition, the various methods/tools used in language analysis employed by pioneering labs from around the world, and highlights from cutting edge social/personality psychology research that uses language data.


Ryan L. Boyd, Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
James W. Pennebaker, University of Texas at Austin

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