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What is happiness, what causes it, and what benefits does it confer for people and society? Although philosophers have pondered these questions for centuries, the scientific study of happiness has exploded over the past 30 years, offering insight into its conceptualization, measurement, causes, and consequences. This pre-conference will bring together young investigators and world experts to share recent theory and findings. We will feature talks from advanced researchers, data blitzes and a poster session from young investigators, and a mentoring lunch to promote discussion between senior and junior attendees. In selecting speakers, we will strive to mix novel theoretical contributions (e.g., whether happiness comes in one or many forms), cutting-edge methodologies (e.g., big data and machine learning techniques), and real-world application (e.g., smaller scale interventions and larger-scale naturalistic field experiments designed to increase well-being). We look forward to another year of highlighting the latest work in this burgeoning field.


Aaron Weidman, University of Michigan
Ashley Whillans, Harvard University


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