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The study of group processes and intergroup relations (GPIR) can and should play an important role in explaining and addressing social and societal issues. This pre-conference assembles leading scholars whose innovative research contributes to this theme, with work grounded in inter and intragroup processes as explanatory mechanisms. Presenters will connect their work, addressing topics such as social justice, group-based inequalities, intergroup hostility, and group identity, using a diverse range of methodologies, including psychophysiological, experimental, and applied perspectives. Speakers include: Elizabeth Page-Gould, Nyla Branscombe, Richard Crisp, Hee Young Kim, Michael Wohl, Monica Biernat, and John Levine. An early career scholar from the poster submissions pool will present as one of our distinguished speakers. Attendees will enjoy a poster session highlighting the work of junior scholars over lunch and the day concludes with a round table with the invited speakers for graduate students, aimed at promoting the next generation of GPIR scholars.


Amber Gaffney, Humboldt State University
Zachary Hohman, Texas Tech University


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