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Student Convention Volunteers

Do you want to volunteer up to four hours of your time at the convention in exchange for a VISA gift card to help offset some of your expense onsite in Atlanta? Volunteers help SPSP staff various areas of the convention, serve as “direction givers,” and have other important roles that often place them in highly interactive roles with other attendees. There are a limited number of volunteer spots available. If you satisfy all of the criteria below, submit your name by clicking the submit button below. Volunteers will be notified in late-December/early-January about their selection status.

  • You are a 2018 student member of SPSP.
  • You have attended at least one SPSP Annual Convention in the past.
  • You have not been a student volunteer for the SPSP Annual Convention in the past.
  • You are registered and confirmed to attend the convention in Atlanta.


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