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2020 SPSP New Orleans Convention

Poster Presenters

Creating Your Poster

  • SPSP does not produce posters. Production of posters is the responsibility of the presenters. We have partnered with Spoontflower to offer discounted fabric poster printing. More information and instructions on how to print your poster with Spoonflower is located on the right side of this page.
  • Dimensions of the Poster Board are 4’ (48”) high x 6’ (72”) wide.  All posters should be made to fit within these specifications.
  • Poster boards will have uncovered pinboard surfaces. Posters are to be attached via thumb tacks only. No permanent alterations can be made to the poster boards. Some thumbtacks will be provided on each board or at the end of the rows.
  • All information, including any illustrations, graphs or charts are to be displayed within the poster board’s 4’x6’ dimensions. Materials cannot be setup on the floor or leaned against the poster board in any way.
  • It is recommended to keep your information simple and concise. Avoid overly text-heavy write ups. Keep font sizes large to allow viewers to read your poster from multiple feet away.
  • Do not print materials for presentation on foam-core/board or other thick, heavy materials, as they will not be suitable for attachment to the poster board.
  • For tips on how to improve knowledge transfer and usability though more efficient poster design and presentation, check out this fun video (includes links to sample templates).

Presenting Your Poster

Complimentary Poster Check will be available in the Exhibit Hall each day. Posters not retrieved by the end of each day will be discarded. Do not leave any personal belongings unattended in the Exhibit Hall/Poster Room. SPSP is not responsible for any items lost or damaged in this room.

  • Presenters are able to hang their posters 15 minutes prior to the start of each session and are expected to present for no less than 45 minutes of their assigned session time. It is recommended that presenters be available for the duration of the session to answer any questions.
  • Considering bringing:
    • copies of your research to give to interested attendees
    • copies of your CV
    • business cards
    • links to your publications online, your research, your lab, or your website

Share Your Work

After presenting in New Orleans, share your poster or talk with fellow attendees by uploading it to the OSF. 

Upload Your Work to OSF

2020 Annual Convention
February 27-29, 2020
New Orleans, LA USA