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Family Care Financial Support Available for #SPSP2020 Convention

In an effort to support SPSP convention attendees who have family care responsibilities that may deter them from attending, SPSP is continuing the pilot program to offer a limited number of small family care grants (up to $500 per family). These funds may be used to offset the cost of at-home care or care at the convention.


Any SPSP member with one or more dependents requiring childcare, elder care, or care due to disability, is eligible for this support. These funds are intended for members with significant financial need who might not be able to attend the convention without this support. The funds are not intended to cover routine childcare costs that a member is already paying on a day-to-day basis. Preference will be given to applicants in the early stages of their careers or for whom attending this particular meeting is especially important for professional development (e.g., it is a critical point in the tenure trajectory, or a student or post-doc is on the job market). Only one caregiver per family may apply. Those who have received a travel award to attend the convention for 2020 (announced mid-September) are not eligible.

Application Process

Applications are open through December 1. Decisions will be announced by early January (in time for the January 14th Early Bird registration deadline). If you have questions about the grants or the application, please contact the Convention Committee through Lisa Jaremka (ljaremka@psych.udel.edu).



Childcare Services

SPSP does not provide childcare services onsite at the annual convention. New Orleans & Company recommended the following childcare providers:

ACCENT on Children’s Arrangements, Inc. 
615 Baronne St., Suite 303
New Orleans, LA 70113
Phone: (504) 524-1227

Website: http://www.accentoca.com
Email: info@accentoca.com

Description: ACCENT on Children’s Arrangements, Inc. is a national company with staff trained to provide convention, conference and meeting child care services. 

Dependable Kid Care

702 N. Carrollton Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70119
Phone: (504) 486-5044

Website: http://www.dependablekidcare.net 
Email: help@dependablecare.net

Description: Provides group child care programs for weddings and business events. Also refers sitters for in-hotel care.

Child Attendees

Per SPSP’s registration policies, all attendees over the age of 18 must be registered to attend the meeting. If you are bringing a minor (anyone under the age of 18) to the convention, they must be supervised and accompanied by a registered attendee at all times in all spaces of the convention to include social events and the exhibit hall.

For information about how to register a guest over the age of 18, please see the Guests & Children section of our Policies page.

Nursing Mothers

Private nursing space is available for nursing mothers in the Hyatt Regency New Orleans. More information coming soon.

2020 Annual Convention
February 27-29, 2020
New Orleans, LA USA