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Meet the SPSP Portland Ambassadors and get an insider’s perspective on the best parts of their city. Feel free to reach out to them with questions as you plan your convention travel!

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Annie Greerhalgh headshotAnnie Greenhalgh (email)
Portland has a fun, quirky vibe with an inventive foodie scene.  There is something for everyone with lots of options from taking in culture and history, enjoying the nightlife, trying the local cuisine to reconnecting with nature.  In regard to culture Portland has lots of great museums and art galleries such as the Museum of Art. For learning about the city’s history, the walking and biking tours are packed with great information and are a fun way to see more of the city.  Also, you could visit Pittock Mansion which is absolutely exquisite any time of year! For some of my favorite relatively high-energy things to do in the city, I love barcades, escape rooms, and comedy clubs. For a more relaxed night, I enjoy visiting the historic Hollywood Theater for an unusual selection of movies.  In terms of food, brunch is king here. Some of my favorite brunch spots are Gravy, Jam on Hawthorne, and Screen Door. Additionally, indulging in your favorite sweet treats is also encouraged as we boast unique ice cream shops and gourmet doughnut shops. Although there is some sweet competition, Salt N’ Straw and Ruby Jewel generally make my and locals’ short list of top ice cream shops.  In the doughnut category, Blue Star and NOLA doughnuts cannot be beat! For a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, I love to take in one of our many parks which are scattered around the city. My personal favorite is Peninsula Park which boasts the most charming rose gardens and whimsical landscaping.

Emily Denning headshotEmily Denning (email)
Portland is a welcoming city with plenty of fun activities to do and a great food scene with endless craft beers! One of my favorite parts of Portland is being able to experience the vibrant city life with all of the great places to eat, but also being only a quick drive away from the coast, the mountains, and the gorge. There are also great indoor activities, in case of a rainy day, such as the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) and the Portland Art Museum. I love Portland and am happy to answer any questions about your trip here! 

Emma O'Connor headshotEmma O'Connor (email)
Portland is a really unique city! Whether it’s from the ease of transportation (the MAX, extensive bus lines, street car) and our awesome location (only a 30 minute drive to the beautiful, scenic Columbia River Gorge or a 90 minute drive the picturesque Oregon Coast), Portland is an amazing destination. There is a vast array of cuisines, including Portland’s famous food carts.  For nature lovers, Portland is an awesome hiking destination, offering all levels of hiking in the city of Portland or within an easy drive in the Columbia River Gorge.  If you are a book lover, Powell’s Bookstore alone is worth the trip to Portland. Portland also has a beautiful waterfront, with great views, sights, and recreation along the Williamette River. There is something here for everyone! In the Spring, it is rainy here. I suggest coming prepared with rain gear! 

Cynthia Mohr headshotCynthia Mohr (email)
I love Portland because it is a culturally vibrant, progressive, and foodie-centric city. One can easily find a great coffee shop to catch up on some writing or enjoy the new book you picked up at Powell's, or head over to try the latest seasonal brew at one of the many excellent brewpubs here in "Beervana"/"Brewtopia." What I love most, however, is that Portland and the surrounding area are physically beautiful, year-round, in all weather conditions--in the winter, it is lush and green. The outdoor enthusiasts living here enjoy a good hike, walk in the park, bike ride, etc. throughout the year. There are too many excellent restaurants to name, whether you are looking for James Beard winning chefs or the local food truck with your favorite ethnic food – there is something to suit all taste buds and budgets. Portland also offers distinct neighborhoods with local boutiques and galleries  (and it’s sales tax-free)! It's a friendly and casual city that emphasizes quality of life. 

Emma Money headshotEmma Money (email)
I think Portland is a really fun place to visit because there is a wide variety of things to do with a little bit for everyone, no matter the weather or time of the year. The Portland area in general is very beautiful with many options for outdoor activities both in and outside of the city; lots of gardens, sanctuaries, and hiking trails. During the day there are museums to go to and tons of amazing food and drinks to try at the food carts and local restaurants. At night there always seems to be some kind of show going on somewhere, music, magic, or otherwise. I think that Portland’s support for small businesses is also great for visitors because you can see, eat, buy, and do things here that you won’t find anywhere else. Even better, most of this is easily accessible on foot or by public transportation.


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February 7 - 9, 2019
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