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What is a Dine-Around?
A Dine-Around is a hostless dinner where attendees pay their own way. SPSP will make the reservation for you and assign you a group, but you get to pick the conversation. Dine-arounds are held at nearby SPSP hotel block locations.

How many people attend a Dine-Around?
In order to provide optimal opportunities for networking, stimulating conversation, and peer learning, each Dine-Around is limited to 10 people.

How do we pay for Dine-Arounds?
When the bill arrives, each diner is responsible for his or her own check. We have arranged for separate checks with each restaurant for your convenience.

Are Dine-Arounds at expensive restaurants?
The menus vary, giving you the chance to pick what fits your budget. Be sure to check out the restaurant descriptions and menus:

Altabira City Tavern
Clyde Common
Olympia Oyster Bar
Olympia Provisions
Portland City Grill
Urban Farmer
Little Bird Bistro

Can I sign up with a group of friends to dine together?
Each attendee signs up on his or her own. If you want to be sure to go with a colleague, each person should sign up while picking the same time/restaurant.

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