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Programming Types

Submissions for the 2018 Convention have closed. The submission period for the 2019 Convention will open in July of 2018. Many preconferences accept late submissions, so visit those pages for additional submission opportunities.

Single Paper Session
Similar to the standard symposium session, a single paper session is comprised of 3-4 scientific presentations grouped into single paper sessions allowing submitters have their science considered as a single paper i.e. without putting together a full symposium. Submissions for single paper sessions will be reviewed and then grouped into 75-minute sessions with 2-3 other single papers of similar topics.

Posters are the largest form of programming at the SPSP Annual Convention with around 2,000 posters displayed over the course of the convention. Poster sessions take place in the exhibit hall and offer attendees ample opportunity to see the latest research being conducted around the country and the world, while affording them the chance to chat with the minds behind the science.

Data Blitz 
Want a lot of science fast? Data blitz sessions will offer rapid fire presentation style science in 5 minute chunks. Presenters have limited time to give attendees the very best of their research. These popular sessions are attendees' best chance to capture the span of the field in one session. 

With over 80 offered at the convention, these 75 minute sessions offer attendees the chance to hear 3-4 presentations from some leading researchers in the field. The content of symposia is entirely scientific, offering a look into cutting-edge research.

View this year’s research symposia here.

Professional Development Sessions
These sessions are scattered throughout the two-day program of the convention and introduce attendees to topics and content to further their growth in the field. Professional development sessions can be held over meal times, and give attendees the chance to build their networks with influential colleagues.

View this year’s professional development sessions here.

Workshops provide convention attendees with an in-depth learning experience on a specific topic. Each workshop will designate its intended audience, and application to attend may be required. Workshops may be scheduled over meals or concurrently with symposia rounds.

View the deep-dive workshops here.

As part of the SPSP Annual Convention, leaders in the field of social and personality psychology organize daylong mini-conferences focused on specific areas of study and research in the field. These one-day preconferences kick off the SPSP Annual Convention and give attendees the unique opportunity to gather with colleagues who share their specific academic and research interests. These sessions can include speakers, discussions, networking lunches with experts, and poster presentations. Take a look at this year's preconferences

Note: Registration for Preconferences will continue to be merged with convention registration.

Invited Sessions
The sessions will cover timely issues important to the psychological sciences, ranging from national policy discussions to big data and evolutionary processes conversations.

View this year's invited sessions here

Legacy Program
The Annual Convention Legacy honoree will be selected each year by the SPSP Convention Committee. This program honors luminary figures in social and personality psychology. The theme of Legacy program is to trace the impact of the senior scholar’s seminal contribution (or body of work) to contemporary work through a series of events as follows:

  1. Legacy Symposium

This will be a symposium that pairs the honored figure with two active researchers whose work builds upon the legacy’s work. The luminary will have the opportunity to address the audience in whatever format they would like for half of the symposium’s allotted time. The rest of the symposium time would be devoted to presentations by the two contemporary researchers who would present more traditional research talks that highlight how their work can be traced back to the honored guest’s seminal contribution(s).

  1. Legacy Lunch

Directly following the symposium, the Legacy will host a lunch for his or her academic legacies (e.g., students and students’ students, etc.), major contributors to the research area as appropriate, and other guests as selected by the honoree. 

  1. Legacy Posters

Posters accepted for the SPSP convention that can trace back to the legacy (through a self-nomination process) will have the option to pick up a Legacy Badge onsite at the convention. Displaying this badge on their poster will signify all the work the legacy continues to touch. 

Pop-Up Programming
While the SPSP convention program is chalked full of amazing topics, speakers, and sessions, SPSP is making space in this year’s convention for sessions to “pop-up” for an informal conversation on a topic with new and old friends. Attendees can reserve designated space for such small group discussions that will be advertised on the mobile app, rotating screens, and social media. Given the last-minute nature of these unique sessions, information for attendees to join will be made available as soon as sessions “pop-up”. 

Birds of a Feather
To foster friendship and collaboration at the convention, some of the lunchtime tables on Friday and Saturday will be labelled by topic where, on an informal first-come first-served basis, attendees can sit, eat, and meet new, like-minded people. Closer to the convention, SPSP will poll attendees on topics they would like to see represented at these tables. 

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