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Location: Hyatt Regency (HR) Chicago CD

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Social neuroendocrinology is a burgeoning area of research aimed at discovering hormone relationships to social behavior. Studies in this area lie at the intersection of social and personality psychology, neuroscience, cognition, evolutionary psychology, and traditional behavioral endocrinology. The Social Neuroendocrinology preconference has been a popular event at SPSP for several years.

This year’s preconference will feature invited talks from a diverse set of top researchers as well as a short-form Data Blitz session for early-career scholars.

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Speakers and Tentative Talk Titles

Modupe Akinola headshot

Modupe Akinola
Columbia University
“Collective Hormonal Profiles Predict Group Performance”

Olga Kornienko headshot

Olga Kornienko
George Mason University
“Exploring associations between hormones and social network structure and dynamics”

Gidi Nave headshot

Gidi Nave
University of Pennsylvania
“Does Oxytocin Increase Trust in Humans?”

Steven Stanton headshot

Steven Stanton
Oakland University
"Testosterone and Decision Making"

Gary Sherman headshot

Gary Sherman
Stony Brook University
“Power, Cortisol, and Stress”

Heather Caldwell headshot

Heather Caldwell
Kent State University
“Are Oxytocin and Vasopressin Really the "Social" Neuropeptides?”

Keith Welker headshot

Keith Welker
University of Massachusetts Boston
“Testosterone and Social Behavior: Moderation by Self-Construal” 

Benedict Jones headshot

Benedict Jones
University of Glasgow
"Do hormones regulate women's mating psychology?"

Amanda Hahn headshotAmanda Hahn
Humboldt State University
"Hormonal influences on intra-sexual competition"

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Data Blitz Speakers

Frances Chen, University of British Columbia
"Oral Contraceptive Use in Adolescence Predicts Vulnerability to Depression in Adulthood"

Hanne Collins, Harvard University
"Social Scents Moderate Women's Cortisol and Subjective Responses to Stress"

Ellie Shuo Jin, The University of Texas at Austin
"Intranasal testosterone reduces acute subjective stress"

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Kathleen Casto, Ph.D., University of Oregon
Shawn Geniole, Ph.D., Nipissing University

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