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Hello. We are excited to announce a new pre-conference on Parenting and Family Dynamics.

Parents (and other family caregivers) are essential influences on our social interactions (e.g., friends, romantic relationships, cultural norms) and our personalities (e.g., development over time, genetic and environmental influences).  This preconference is intended to provide a broad overview of parenting influences across several areas of social and personality psychology.

We’re honored to feature several excellent speakers this year:

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8:00-8:05: Welcome

8:05-8:15: Richard Bollinger - The Character Virtue Development funding (Templeton foundation)

Symposium #1: Factors related to parenting

8:15-8:45: Jeffry Simpson - The effect of unpredictable early childhood environments on parenting in adulthood
8:45-9:15: Amy K. Nuttall - Parentification experiences in childhood impact maternal self-esteem and parenting self-efficacy during the transition to parenthood
9:15-9:45: Melissa Sturge-Apple - Emerging findings on the role of parenatal executive functioning on parenting practices
9:45-10:15: Douglas M. Teti - Parental mental health, bedtime parenting and coparenting, and infant sleep across the first year

Break 10:15-10:30

Symposium #2: Parenting's association with children's development: socioemotional, neural, and personality

10:30-11:00: Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan - Coparenting, fathers’ parenting, and young children's socioemotional development
11:00-11:30: Dylan Gee - Parental influences on frontoamygdala circuitry and emotional development
11:30-12:00: So Young Choe - Perceived parental psychological control and externalizing behaviors: The role of insecure attachment

12:00-1:00: Lunch & Posters

Symposium #3: Communication, interactions, and narratives in the family context

1:00-1:30: Nairan Ramirez-Esparza - Look who's talking: Social interactions and language development in monolingual and bilingual infants
1:30-2:00: Robyn Fivush - Intergenerational narratives and personal identity
2:00-2:30: Thomas Schofield - Parenting among immigrant families: Taking communication for granted

2:30-2:45: Break

Symposium #4: Methodologies for parenting research

2:45-3:15: Rena Repetti - Naturalistic methods: Opportunities and challenges for the study of parent-child interaction
3:15-3:45: Robert Larzelere - Methodological problems in parenting research and possibilities for overcoming them
3:45-4:15: Brent Donnellan - Using longitudinal SEM to study parent-child dynamics
4:15-4:30: Brent Donnellan - How to use lavaan in R for dyadic longitudinal data analyses (Dr. Donnellan graciously offered to give his R code to the attendees)

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Save $25 when you register for both convention and preconference together!

Registration for preconferences is limited and fills quickly.
Registration is now open and will not reopen once this preconference fills.

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Poster Presenters

Olivia Atherton - Developmental pathways linking parenting practices and effortful control
Jennifer M. Barton - Where do parents fit into health behavior change?: Testing a new theoretical model
Robey B. Champine - Examining barriers and facilitators related to family service access in an early childhood system of care
Hannah Jones-Gordils - The effect of interparental conflict on maternal implicit attitudes about children and discipline strategies
Jin-kyung Lee - Fathering, coparenting, and gene and environment interaction in relation to children's social-emotional development
Willemijn van Eldik - Personality, depressive symptoms, marital stress, and parenting: An actor-partner interdependency model
Lester Sim - Dyadic associations between prenatal hormone changes and sexual desire over pregnancy
Sophie Kerr - Do borderline personality disorder features in depressed parents increase the risk of offspring psychopathology?
Ariana Torrejon - The effects of gender convergence on stereotypes about parents
Hannah Rea - Correlates of expressed emotion in mothers of young children
Frances M. Lobo - Parent risk factors, parent-child physiological coregulation, and preschoolers’ behavioral dysregulation

Looking forward to seeing you,
So Young and Jim

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So Young Choe, University of Southern California, email: ("soyoung" dot "choe" at "usc" dot "edu")
James Fryer, State University of New York at Potsdam, email: ("fryerjw" at "potsdam" dot "edu")


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