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Securing funding and approval to attend conventions can sometimes be tricky. Use the customizable template at the downloadable link below to demonstrate the value of the 2018 SPSP Annual Convention to your supervisor and gain their approval (and funding) to join us in Atlanta in March! Some of the information in the template will become more available as the program is announced in mid-September.

Download the Approval to Attend Letter Button

Dear [Department Chair/Supervisor],

I am writing to request approval to attend the 2018 Society for Personality and Social Psychology Annual Convention. This event brings together over 3,600 social and personality psychologists from more than 15 countries to present and share research, network, and form bonds that strengthen collaboration and advance our field. I believe my participation at the convention will advance my research, provide opportunities for professional growth and development, and help enhance our institution’s standing within the scientific community.

The 2018 convention is taking place March 1 - 3 at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis and the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. The convention kicks off with a day of research area-specific preconferences, and the core convention programming will include over 80 symposia, more than 20 professional development sessions, numerous deep-dive workshops, 3 data blitzes, and over 1500 poster presentations, as well as additional programming, networking opportunities, and events.

To broaden my knowledge base and further my research I plan on attending the following scientific sessions:

  • Insert Session Name Here
  • Insert Session Name Here
  • Insert Session Name Here

To build my professional skillset and further develop myself professionally I plan on attending the following sessions:

  • Insert Professional Development/Workshop Session Name Here
  • Insert Professional Development/Workshop Session Name Here
  • Insert Professional Development/Workshop Session Name Here

Additionally, at the convention, I will be able to network and connect with other attendees, let them know about all of the great research taking place at our institution, and of the many opportunities that we provide to undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty. This may help spark future research relationships, and help recruit new talent to our program. 

My projected costs for attending the 2018 SPSP Annual Convention are:

Registration Fee $XXX
Hotel $XXX
Airfare $XXX
Miscellaneous (Meals, Taxi, Etc.) $XXX
Total $XXX

I will utilize airline, ground transportation, and roommate match-up savings offered by SPSP to convention attendees, as possible.

This investment of financial resources and my time at the convention will help better my work, as well as my professional knowledge and capabilities. It will also broaden my network of social/personality psychological contacts that share our research interests. I would be happy to share key takeaways from the convention with you and our fellow colleagues upon my return.

I appreciate your consideration of my request, and hope to receive your approval.


Warm Regards,

[Your Name]



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