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SPSP's 2017 Symposium Panel, Mitja Back and Richard Slatcher, are excited to announce the invited sessions for the 2017 Annual Convention. Join us as we highlight innovative research and stimulate discussion about the future of personality and social psychology.

2017 Symposium Panel:


Mitja Back
University of Münster

Richard Slatcher
Wayne State University




Fresh Perspectives on Personality and Social Psychology Processes

Friday, January 20th, 2:00PM - 3:15PM

This session features fresh perspectives on how processes relevant to personality and social psychology can be conceptualized, measured, and applied. Four rising stars will briefly highlight big ideas that will have a sustainable impact on our field. This includes new theoretical and analytical process models borrowed from network science and dynamic systems theory, new methods to assess real-life processes such as mobile sensing and mouse-tracking, and new large-scale applications of process-insights on the individual, social and collective level.

Chairs: Mitja Back, Richard Slatcher

Understanding Attitudes and Other Psychological Constructs as Individual Networks

Jonas Dalege
University of Amsterdam


Split-Second Social Perception: An Integrative Multi-Level Approach

Jon Freeman
New York University


Assessing Behavior in Real Life with Mobile Sensing Methods

Gabriella Harari

University of Texas


Applying Social Network Processes to Community Wide Interventions

Maarten van Zalk
University of Münster




What Now? Moving Past the Replication Debate: A Conversation
About the Future of Social and Personality Psychology

Saturday, January 21st, 2:00PM - 3:15PM

This session, moderated by Jamie Pennebaker, brings together four leading scholars from social and personality psychology for a discussion about the future of our field. The panelists will discuss the "big" questions that remain unanswered in social and personality psychology (are there any big questions that remain unanswered?) and how one might go about answering them. In addition, the audience will be polled for written questions to stimulate discussion and boost audience involvement. The goal of this conversation is not to rehash the replication debate but rather to have a lively conversation among some of the most creative minds in our field about what our field is going to look like in the next five to ten years.

Chairs: Richard Slatcher, Mitja Back


Jamie Pennebaker
University of Texas at Austin



Laura King
University of Missouri

Simine Vazire
UC Davis

Harry Reis
University of Rochester

Wendy Berry Mendes
UC San Francisco



Optimal Critical Discourse in Psychological Science

Friday, January 20th, 12:30PM - 1:45PM

Tessa West will open with results of the SPSP social media survey. Panel members Susan Fiske, Brian Nosek, Richard Lucas, and Alison Ledgerwood will answer questions posed by audience members, submitted live and anonymously via an app, and selected by moderators Tessa West and Eli Finkel. The goal is to have a respectful, open conversation about how science is discussed over social media.


Tessa West, New York University



Moderator: Eli Finkel, Northwestern University



Susan Fiske, Princeton University
Brian Nosek, University of Virginia
Richard Lucas, Michigan State University
Alison Ledgerwood, University of California, Davis

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