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Organizing a preconference can seem overwhelming, especially to a first-time organizer. However, due to recent changes to preconference logistics, all you have to do is select the program and SPSP staff will take care of the rest (catering, a/v, registration, etc). 

Hosting a Preconference

SPSP will accept proposals to host a preconference beginning May 17th. Those interested in hosting a preconference must provide general information about their preconference for review. Once available, you may submit your preconference application to meetings@spsp.org. Organizers are strongly encouraged to fill out the entirety of the application. If preconferences are limited in 2017 due to space, the information submitted in the application will be used to evaluate which preconferences are selected and which are not.

Note: Due to space limitations, SPSP reserves the right to reduce the number of preconferences and only those submitted by the deadline will be considered.


SPSP staff have been hard at work over the past year to streamline the planning experience for organizers. Starting with the 2016 Preconferences, SPSP’s planning and onsite logistics team will handle all elements of logistics for preconferences – budgets, registration, food and beverage selection, room setups, AV, and posters. 

After submission and acceptance of your preconference, SPSP staff will do the following:  

  • Your preconference will be placed in a room size based on your previous attendance. New preconferences will be placed in rooms as space permits.
  • Organizers will no longer select room setup details, AV, or food and beverage options. SPSP will ensure that each preconference receives the appropriate setup, AV, and food and beverage selections to optimize the experience for all preconference attendees.  
  • Organizers will have the ability to use previous year’s funds or solicit funding from sponsors to provide registration discounts or travel awards. Any upgrade choices will be the financial responsibility of funds separate from those collected from registration.
  • If you wish to present posters in your preconference, please check the box in the planning tool and indicate how many poster boards you will need (each double-sided board allows 2 posters to present simultaneously). SPSP staff will make every effort to accommodate all of these requests. Conveniently located poster areas will be utilized to maximize the cost effectiveness of renting poster boards. Preconferences will be assigned morning, mid-day, or afternoon timeslots to utilize poster areas for their programs.
  • Registration pricing will be identical for all preconferences to ensure a fantastic and equal experience for all attendees. By streamlining the logistical experience for attendees (registration fees, meals provided, sufficient AV, etc.) across all preconferences, SPSP will allow your attendees to focus only on the compelling material your organizing team provides in your program.
  • Registration for preconferences will be seamlessly merged with SPSP Annual Convention Registration AND a discount given to those who register for the convention and a preconference. Allowing attendees to “check a box” during Convention Registration will greatly increase exposure to your preconferences and make registering easy. There will be a similar web system to allow non-convention attendees to register for the preconference. Attendees will pick up their Preconference/Convention attendee badge prior to preconferences starting on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning at various registration locations. There will not be individual registration desks for each preconference. Onsite registration will only be accepted at SPSP staffed registration locations as space in preconferences permits.
  • SPSP will provide onsite troubleshooting support from experienced SPSP event staff.

Note: Please remember SPSP does not monitor, select, limit, or endorse any material presented in preconferences.


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