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Legacy Award

The Annual Convention Legacy Program

The Annual Convention Legacy honoree will be selected each year by the SPSP Convention Committee. This program honors luminary figures in social and personality psychology. Walter Mischel will be honored as the recipient of the first SPSP Legacy recognition. A leading voice in psychological science since the beginning of his long career. His work on personality and situations as causes of human behavior has been sometimes controversial, and always innovative. His sustained scholarship in this area has led to new ways to understand the person and the situation, and new ways to think about stability and change. Equally transformative has been Walter’s work on the psychology of self-control. This work helped put the mysterious notion of “willpower” on firm empirical ground. The theme of Legacy program is to trace the impact of the senior scholar’s seminal contribution (or body of work) to contemporary work through a series of events as follows:

1) Legacy Symposium

This will be a symposium that pairs the honored figure with two active researchers whose work builds upon the legacy’s work. The luminary will have the opportunity to address the audience in whatever format they would like for half of the symposium’s allotted time. The rest of the symposium time would be devoted to presentations by the two contemporary researchers who would present more traditional research talks that highlight how their work can be traced back to the honored guest’s seminal contribution(s).

The SPSP 2016 Legacy Symposium in Honor of Walter Mischel

Saturday, January 30, 11:15AM – 12:30PM, Room 2

Chair: Keith Payne, University of North Carolina

Walter Mischel’s work has changed psychology more than once during his influential career. Professor Mischel will comment on his experiences at the forefront of the field for sixty-five years. Yuichi Shoda will discuss his work on personality/situation interactions, and Angela Duckworth will discuss her work on self-control, continuing Mischel’s legacy.

A Life in Psychology: Sixty-five Years in Twenty-two Minutes

Walter Mischel, Niven Professor of Humane Letters in Psychology, Columbia University

Person x Situation Interaction: Trading Instant Generalizability for Cumulative Science

Yuichi Shoda, University of Washington

Strategies for Self-Control

Angela Duckworth, University of Pennsylvania


2) Legacy Lunch

Directly following the symposium, the Legacy will host a lunch for his or her academic legacies (e.g., students and students’ students, etc.), major contributors to the research area as appropriate, and other guests as selected by the honoree. 

3) Legacy Posters

Posters accepted for the SPSP convention that can trace back to the legacy (through a self-nomination process) will have the option to pick up a Legacy Badge onsite at the convention. Displaying this badge on their poster will signify all the work the legacy continues to touch. 
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